Counter Types

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Laminate Self-Edge

A self edge is when laminate is cut so the pattern of the laminate continues over the front edge.


Loose laminate is not tracked in Cabinet Vision, so it must be figured and ordered manually.

Figure a minimum rip width of a counter as Counter Depth + Front Edge + ¼" (for cut)

Substrate (PB) is ordered as:

1-1/8'' 30x144 w/ Brown Backer

The top must be laminated before the front edge, because the edge of the laminate will be visible as a dark line.

Laminate 3mm

3mm PVC has a shaped profile, so top joints must be mitered together.

Order material laid up from Premier EuroCase:

1-1/8" Particle Board, Brown Backer

Take care to set your counter edges to Profile in Cabinet Vision so you get an accurate LF count to order.

Solid Surface

Solid Surface, as defined by E&J, refers to Corian. It could refer to any similar acrylic ½" countertop material.

Finished edges must be built up with 2 layers of ½" x 1".

Typically, the sheet size is 30" x 144". If a top depth is more than 30" there are a few instances to build the top correctly. If the top is less than 50" long there will be a 2" seam in the back. If top is over 50" long use multiple seams of 30" wide.


The substrate is 15/16" particle board, because Corian's nominal thickness is slightly thinner than ½".

Figuring Adhesive

Solid surface adhesive (fusion) is not figured in Cabinet Vision, so it must be figured and ordered manually:

 50 mL~ 10' Finished Edge
 470 mL~ 85' Finished Edge
 250mL~ 60' Finished Edge



(Note: we do not use fusion to attach backsplashes)


Quartz comes in two thicknesses: 2 or 3 cm. E&J uses subcontractors to fulfill and install stone.

Quartz is typically mitered together, because it has an edge profile.

3cm is not recommended spanning over brackets without a substrate.

2cm is the outdated standard, typically E&J should try to substitute it with 3cm due to ease of fabrication.
A miter drop edge is required, so radius corners must be avoided or segmented.


When laminate is wrapped around a shaped profile or integrated splash, it needs a postform machine.
E&J orders these from a subcontractor, currently Front Range Stone.

Because of an edge profile, these tops are mitered together.


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