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Plastic Laminate, also known as decorative laminate, is a durable product used for counters and cabinets.

There are two types:

  1. High Pressure (that we use)
  2. Low Pressure (eg Melamine)

      (Note this is how it's made, not how we use it)

Laminate comes in grades:

  1. Vertical Grade (used for cabinets, diewalls)
  2. Postform Grade (used at E&J, for counters/bending)
  3. Horizontal Grade (thicker, hard to work with, more expensive, used for counters)

"Laid up"

  • The laminate comes ready - already laminated (e.g. to Particle Board)


  • The laminate needs to be glued and pressed to a substrate

We mainly use 2 manufacturers:

  1. Wilsonart
    • Generally in stock, in Denver, eta:
      • Loose: Next day Darant truck
      • Laid Up: ~2 weeks from Premier EuroCase
  2. Formica
    • Need to check ETA
  3. Otherwise
    • Try to push the customer onto Wilsonart, especially with a tight schedule


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